Radio Manitoba draait Pop, Rock, Hiphop, en RNB muziek vanaf het jaar 2000 tot en met vandaag van onbekende artiesten die hun muziek in eigen beheer houden en volledig rechten vrij verspreiden.

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    • WARMINGTON: Don Cherry comes back with a new show 18/11/2019
      They may have knocked Don Cherry to the ice with a hit he didn’t see coming. Now watch him get back up. You people out there who want the 85-year-old Cherry back, here’s the news you have been hoping for.  You people who wanted him to fade away are out of luck as the former […]
    • Federal program looks to attract French-speaking immigrants to English-speaking provinces 18/11/2019
      A four-year study sponsored by the Department of Immigration is looking at incentives to promote French-speaking immigrants to settle in cities where only 1% of residents speak French, Blacklock’s Reporter reports. The study is sponsored at an undisclosed cost but a team of federal consultants has been hired to oversee the project to the tune […]
    • Krykslants: Kaepernick literally did not answer the biggest concern 18/11/2019
      Avoided NFL interview, didn’t take reporters’ questions So, will any team sign Colin Kaepernick? Or work him out? Or even talk to him? Nobody knows. But at this point, that’s all anybody wants to know. There are so many nuances and angles to the latest episode of Kaep-gate — so many takes and justified indignation […]
    • Does thinking of Leafs GM Dubas still hold? 18/11/2019
      Mike Babcock is not likely to sleep soundly on this road trip unless the Maple Leafs can win a couple of games. The drum beat to dump him began Saturday night after losses to a couple of teams in the same injury-plagued situation, Boston and Pittsburgh, a skid now five-games long. A team-wide collapse in […]
    • Odds for recovery get long for Maple Leafs 18/11/2019
      Before determining the odds of Mike Babcock getting fired by the end of this road trip — the Maple Leafs are in Las Vegas after all — let’s discuss how on a nightly basis they gamble away at least a 50% chance to score first. The predictable start to many Toronto matches of late is […]